Good textbooks

InkScape Software for graphics in LaTeX

Image file conversion

Library resources

QR code generator

Western Identity and CASCADES Tips and LOGIN

Elements of style in writing

How To Draw State Diagrams in Latex

LED: FREE LaTeX for Windows , Beamer class for presentations see also BeamerTemplate

Remote access to LINUX computer SSH Tool Updated September 3, 2009 6 pm or Cyberduck SSH

Thesis LaTeX Template ZIP (Updated Sept. 29th, 2011) by DanDechene

UWO BCIE presentation template, PPT

How to send SMS and E-mail from your MATLAB code

JabRef a good reference manager

Rules for description of MATLAB functions

Calendar of conferences is now available, please feel free to add

BibTeX files are now available for upload (Research group members only) at BibTeX files.

GlossaryOfTerms is being developed

BibTeX database of references is now available on BibTeXreferences site.

LaTeX and BibTeX are now operational on this Wiki. Visit LaTeXhints !

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