How to use LaTeX with this Wiki

If f is entire (holomorphic on <<latex(\usepackage{dsfont} % $$\mathds{C}$$)>>) and without zeroes, for every closed curve <<latex($$\gamma$$)>> the integral <<latex($$\oint_\gamma \frac{f'(z)}{f(z)}dz$$)>> is zero.

is rendered as:
If f is entire (holomorphic on  $$\mathds{C}$$) and without zeroes, for every closed curve $$\gamma$$ the integral $$\oint_\gamma \frac{f'(z)}{f(z)}dz$$ is zero.

How to use BibTeX with this Wiki

Please see BibTex Parser for more details

  author= {Alfred V. Aho and John E. Hopcroft and Jeffrey D. Ullman},
  title = {The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms},
  publisher= {Addison-Wesley},
  year  = {1974},

is rendered as:

Alfred V. Aho, John E. Hopcroft, and Jeffrey D. Ullman. The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms. Addison-Wesley, 1974.

If you would like to print list of ALL references in a BibTeX file follow the example below.


will produce a list of all references in Bibliography_File.

IEEE/UWO styles for LaTeX

The best way to prepare a paper is to prepare it in \LaTeX form directly. You will need to install the following resources page: IEEE Publications. Some materials related to UWO publication standards could be easily found at LaTeX@ECE.UWO.

Other useful templates could be found at DUKE,

A comprehensive and easy to use template that comforms to FGS specifications for Thesis submission (including proper page numbering) can be found HERE. This template is currently under review by FGS and should soon be available on the Graduate Studies website.

How to organize discussion of a paper?

  Use  [[Name|Discuss]] as a discussion page for a paper with BibTeX reference \ref{BibRef:Name}. For example, [[Hlawatsch08ICASSP|Discuss]] will create a reference to a discussion page of the paper \ref{BibRef:Hlawatsch08ICASSP} as shown below. In this case all discussions related to the same paper will be kept in the same file and could be effectively search by its BibTex label. If you are the first person to start the discussion page of a certain paper please make sure that you include full BibTeX entry at the beginning. Please make sure that you choose CategoryDiscussPaper category for all paper discussion pages.

List of all paper discussions can be found on CategoryDiscussPaper.


Georg Tauböck and Franz Hlawatsch. A compressed sensing technique for OFDM channel estimation in mobile environments: exploiting channel sparsity for reducing pilots. In Proc. ICASSP. IEEE, March-April 2008.

How to Reference papers/books

Unfortunately, we are no aware of any efficient way to use BibTeX references in the very same way LaTeX does. However, if you are consistent with the procedure described above referencing becomes very simple. Just include [[Name|BibRef:Name]]statement into your text. For example, the text

...the authors of [[Hlawatsch08ICASSP|BibRef:Hlawatsch08ICASSP]] consider application...

will be rendered as

...the authors of BibRef:Hlawatsch08ICASSP consider application...

The BibTeX reference allows you to find exact reference to the paper either through the corresponding BibTeX GlobalBibTeXList, or, if the discussion page is organized properly, the full reference will appear at the beginning of the discussion page

Appending PDF files

Please upload PDF files of published papers only to a PaperDiscussionPage corresponding to the paper under consideration. This will allows to keep only one copy of the PDF files. In addition, if you use Adobe Acrobat Pro or PDFedit you can download the PDF to your desktop, edit it and upload back to Wiki. In this case everyone will share these comments. See BibRef:Hlawatsch08ICASSP for an example.


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